How to make your food Instragrammable

How to make your food Instragrammable

How to make your food Instragrammable

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DEZ menu is definitely designed for Instagram online.

We really wanted to meet beautiful food that tasted amazing but also looked incredible. This food is just like it felt so lively to me. A perfect way to take an Instagram photo at DEZ is to do it overhead. We have so many different colors and textures. There’s a lot of stuffs that just pops off the table here.

And we can’t stress enough the use of natural like. Do not feel bad to take your tray from one corner or the way outside onto the front tables because you will get the most beautiful photo that you could never get with a flashing. Just not do the food justice and just not do your photo justice, and of course you wanna get the most like as possible.

If you are going to be taking a picture at night, get someone to use the flashlight of their phone to light your phone. And you don’t use the flash, you take the flash like that. If you do a flash, it’s just like overexposed, there’s no depth, it’ not good, it’s very yellow…

Have someone else light it for you, and now you’ll probably gonna draw a lot of attention and be slightly embarrassed. But you gotta do, but you gotta do to make that food looked em… bomb!

The other thing is if you take the food to go and it has a lid on it, please make sure you take off the lid because the food is so much more beautiful without a plastic lid that on its bellies, I think. And I seek some like “Oh! Why don’t you take off the lid there .”

It lighting you pay attention to place what table service you’re putting it on. I think that’s so important and of course when you post your photo with all stories and all these things that just apparent 24 hours of photo is like a fall. So that is going to live on your feet. You wanna make that it’s the best photo for you and you wanna get a million likes and for us obviously.


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