Research monkeys retire in Florida

Research monkeys retire in Florida

Research monkeys retire in Florida

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They’ve never been outside.So they’ve never felt the sun on their face,or the grass under their feet or rain or wind. It’s all going to be such a new experience for them.
( 26 research monkeys arrived at Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary in Gainesville,Florida )
All right, you go into…
( They were part of an FDA nicotine addition study that was shut down )
( Now they are setting into their new retirement home )
Rongo,Casey? You too,Jenny.
Not only from laboratory research, but we get monkeys from the exotic pet trade, from defunct animal facilities, zoos.

White Coat Project first uncovered the nicotine testing experiments on monkeys in 2016 and immediately launched a grassroots campaign who united to get these monkeys out of the lab and get them sent down here to Jungle Friends, where they can live out the rest of their lives.

No other monkeys have ever retired from the FDA. And we are absolutely thrilled that they showed incredibly bold leadership and did the right thing for the monkeys.

( The FDA also is fully committed to complying with the rules and guidance governing animal research. That’s why we acted on concerns related to a study that was working with squirrel monkeys. —FDA COMMISSION DR.SCOTT GOTTLIEB JANUARY 2018)
( 食品与药品管理局也承诺在涉及动物研究时完全遵从管理的规则和指导。这也是为什么我们非常关注这项有松鼠猴的实验。---食品与药品管理局委员会,斯考特 戈特利布医生,2018.1 )
Here you go. There you go.That’s a good boy.
They have the same emotions as we do.And you can just watch their little wheels turning in their heads.And they’re just so funny. They have a sense of humor.


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