Is coffee healthy?

Is coffee healthy?

Is coffee healthy?

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It’s one of the age old medical flip-flops. First, coffee’s bad for you. Then it’s not. you get the picture. Coffee has had a bad rap for centuries. In the early 1500s, Arab leaders shut down the world’s first coffee houses, saying patrons were more likely to gamble and engage in unorthodox sex.

By the next century, Europeans claimed coffee had a lot of perks. It could aid digestion, cure coughs and headaches, even prevent miscarriages. Coffee’s high lasted a few decades, until British women petitioned against that cup of joe, claiming it made their Joes and Johns and Henrys impotent.

Coffee got a third shot in 1773 when the Boston Tea Party made it unpatriotic to drink tea in the colonies. By the mid-1800s, coffee’s popularity had ground to a halt. It was said to cause blindness, indigestion and insomnia, and be as bad for you as cocaine. That bitterness lasted through the Industrial Revolution and into the 21st century. Coffee gave kids bad grades and upped the risk for heart attacks, high blood pressure, urinary cancer, and lung disease. But then science changed, doing in-depth comparative research, and also controlling for risk factors like smoking, obesity, and lack of exercise. Today, coffee is practically a health food.

Are you drinking coffee? Because that habit may help us all live longer.

Research suggests caffeine can offer a range of possible health benefits.

For people at high risk of liver disease same daily coffee or tea might be a good habit to pick up.

Studies show drinking between three and five cups of black coffee a day can lower your risk for heart disease, stroke, diabetes, liver disorder, some cancers, even early death. Of course, nothing’s perfect. Pregnant women and people with Parkinson’s or osteoporosis should  limit their consumption. And if you’re watching your weight, be warned. These studies were done using black coffee. So adding sugars, creamers whipped cream, and caramel will make your coffee’s benefits do a flip-flop.


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