Scientists say cold blast is more proof of climate change

Scientists say cold blast is more proof of climate change

Scientists say cold blast is more proof of climate change

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You are watching ABC’s News Live. I’m Rob Marciano here. Beautiful Lake Tahoe and operations Sierra Storm which is a weather conference for meteorologists and climate colleges. Here with me now is Linda Wall. She is a professor at the University of Nevada,Reno, an expert in rhetoric so what we discuss today is basically how we discuss and argue and move forward with different things, and one of the things are now on the to do list is climate change, and certainly with the current administration are rhetoric is this pretty stock. What do you think we go from here and how do we solve this problem.

I think we need to remember is that the current political climate has done a lot of polemic sizing which means making it seem like we’re not really on the same team, we’re really against each other. But in fact, all of us have values in common. You know I voted for one candidate member is my family but a frenetic candidate. We’re also good people, we still have values in common and if we can focus on those and move from those to trying to come up with solutions to our problems instead of just paying attention to the kind of polemic arguments that’re here, we’ll not gimmick progress.

One of the charts you put up in resistance, escalation of where we are and where we need to be, which action before that is the value that we put on the facts that we’ve discovered. A both sides of the aisle right now are seemed at least so far apart in what we should do it, how we value where we are and what we should do to take action as far as climate change cause any advice of the politicians in Washington right now,

I think I need to listen to their constituents because every community is facing some kind of impact from climate change, and so if they can just listen to their constituents and listen to what the communities want to become healthy and more sustainable, they’ll make their eyes to these sessions.

All right. Professor Linda Wall form the University of Nevada Reno, thank you for your time. You are watching ABC united News Live from beautiful Lake Tahoe. I’m Rob Marciano.


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