How to protect yourself from hackers

How to protect yourself from hackers

How to protect yourself from hackers

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How to protect yourself from hackers

FileVault: 苹果系统里的一项保密措施。它会自动直接地对主目录的内容进行加密和解密。BitLocker: Windows BitLocker用于加密Windows操作系统卷上存储的所有数据,并帮助确保计算机即使在无人参与、丢失或被盗的情况下也不会被篡改。
WhatsApp: 一款非常受欢迎的跨平台应用程序,用于智能手机之间的通讯。可以即刻接收亲友和同事发送的信息,可免费从发送手机短信转为使用WhatsApp程序,以发送和接收信息、图片、音频文件和视频信息。
iMessage: iMessage是苹果公司推出的即时通信软件,可以发送短信、视频等。不同于运营商短信/彩信业务,用户仅需要通过WiFi或者蜂窝数据网络进行数据支持,就可以完成通信。
Signal: 一款Open Whisper Systems公司开发的应用软件,Signal的优势在于信息加密,用户发送的任何文字、视频和图片都会进行端对端加密。

Samuel Burke: Most of us are walking a tightrope when it comes to protecting ourselves from the hackers, living on the edge, thinking…

“oh I won’t fall”. That’s why it’s so important to protect yourself. Just like you do a safety check before you perform a big stunt, you need to do a security check on your computer to make sure you’re running the latest version of your operating system.

And you always have to do a backup of your most important files just in case. But if all that security lets you down, encrypt your files with FileVault or BitLocker. And to be solid ground, always run antivirus software.

I’m going to from log to log, but you probably feel like you’re going from login to login, password to password. There are so many opportunities for the hackers to get their hands on those.

So you should use two-step sign-in. That way, every time you have to enter your password, and you also get a code sent to your phone. So even if the hackers steal your password, they won’t get their hands on your smartphone.

And while we’re on the logs, popular messaging apps, like WhatsApp and iMessage— they keep logs of your text messages up in the cloud. And you know that gets hacked every so often.

But apps like Signal—they don’t save anything in the cloud, making them a much safer place for your text messages to land.

To make sure surfing the web is all smooth sailing, check the websites you visit have HTTPS. That “S” means that they have higher-level security.

But if you feeling shaky about logging on to public WiFi, VPN apps like Onavo will make your connection private. And for the safest surfing, the web browser Tor will make it so that somebody can’t know who you are, where you are, or what you’re surfing.

Living on the edge doesn’t have to be so dangerous if you use the right protection.


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