Boy left on bus for 7 hours

Boy left on bus for 7 hours

Boy left on bus for 7 hours

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We are back with a school bus scare. A five-year-old were left on his school bus for a whole day in the cold, only found when his driver finally returned in the afternoon. Gio Beniteze is here with that story. Good morning, Gio.

Hi, good morning, our ABC station in Philadelphia -WPVI tells us their surveillance video that shows the driver ignoring warning from other students that the boy was still on that bus. This Delaware kindergartener hopped on a school bus but never made it to its class with his classmates,because he fell asleep and woke up in this parked school bus, alone and frightened.

I think I was at school, but I wasn’t, I was somewhere else, that’s why I was crying

It’s was until the end of the school day when the bus driver started afternoon routes that 5-year-old Iben Polk was finally discovered. According to the children district, there was child reminder alarm system on board but it wasn’t working.
直到一天的课结束之后,这个司机重新上车开下午的回程路线时,这个5岁的Iben Polk 才被发现,根据该地儿童管理区,车上安装有儿童报警器,但是当时似乎不起作用。

“I was very scared”

Polk’s parents weren’t notified for hours and now they are demanding an answer.

“When I picked him up, he had nothing to eat and he said he was crying”

Just last month, a similar scene was caught on surveillance video and obtained by ABC affiliate WTVC. Watch as this 5-year-old boy sobs for help, waking up inside this parked school bus alone. Ten minutes earlier the driver seen ending her shift, walking off the bus and not noticing the boy just two row behind her. The bus company said the driver had just completed a two-hour training session days before. Finally, the terrified boy figured out how to open the door himself, walks off the bus and finds another bus driver who helps get him to safety. But now in Delaware, that school district is starting their own investigation and reviewing policies making sure this doesn’t happened again.

We recognize that procedures in place were not followed and this was a breakdown, a failure.

For now Iben is home and happy and we are told the bus drivers in both of these incidents have now been fired. In Iben’s case our Phila-station reports that the parent weren’t notified immediately because the tendence wasn’t taken until after the automatic absence call goes out to parents so so many things just went wrong.

His big eyes, looks like he is just doing just fine. But he was cold, thank you.


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