The wild side of Dubai

The wild side of Dubai

The wild side of Dubai

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To many,Dubai’s landscape is malls and high-rises. But there’s another side—miles and miles and miles of desert, home to dozens of species of wildlife.

It’s a completely different side to what most people expect of Dubai. But for me, this is my Dubai. That’s an Arabian gazelle up ahead of us. My name is Greg Simkins. I’m the conservation manager at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.
对大部分人来说,这里(沙漠)与他们对迪拜的期待大相径庭。但至于我,这里就是我的迪拜。那里有一只阿拉伯瞪羚在我们前面。我叫格雷格 森姆金,是迪拜沙漠保护区的经理。

The DDCR was set up to develop Dubai’s natural flora and fauna, including the icon Arabian oryx, which used to be extinct in the wild.

We started with an initial reintroduction of 70 animals. We’ve done one subsequent reintroduction of another 30, so in total, 100 animals. Currently, as we sit here and speak now, we have over 600 Arabian oryx now on the reserve. So we’ve been very successful in that initial phase of our project.
The reserve is also involved in scientific research.

We have a team of biologists out here at the conduct research in specific specialities also partner with local and international universities.

It was set up with funding to the tune of $21 million from Emirates Airline and the Dubai government. Today, around 5% of Dubai’s landmass is dedicated to the project. The number of visitors is rising.

The reserve as a whole is extremely popular. For a protected area, we get over 300,000 visitors a year. These coming in with both the AI Maha Desert Resort. Which is a sort of premium product within the reserve, but we also have a large number of visitors coming in with select tour operators.

AI Maya is the only hotel on the reserve.

Most of our guests really enjoy the privacy, the tranquility, They love the desert-based activities. The desert does not appeal to everyone. So it’s certainly a very niche market, very high-end clientele.Many of these guests also have an interest in nature conservation.

Dubai has also developed several another reserves, in total taking up at least 15% of Dubai’s land area. With the Emirate looking to welcome 20 million visitors in 2020, the preservation of Dubai’s wild side isn’t just good for business but good for the planet, too.


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    Too many Dubai’s malls and highrises, there is another side— miles and miles and miles of desert, home to dozen of species of wild life. To complete but for me this is my wildlife, my name’s Grea Simokins ,the DDCR conservation manager, divide conservation reserve, the DDCR is set up and debeloped by natural flow and former,including the economic and urban arts which would be things of the wild’s . we start regionatial in the wild 17animals ,we have 70 animals of the wild we’ve done another 70we’ve been sucesseful Primier looking to the world we have 600 product for reserves we also patener in the university is desicated of project we also partner have a large number is visitors of very high total 22for husiness hundreds of visitors a year,loves very nishi 15% divides of 2020 looking good for planet too most of us activities very high controvision

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