Everything You Need to Start Keto in 2019

Everything You Need to Start Keto in 2019

Everything You Need to Start Keto in 2019

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Everything You Need to Start Keto in 2019

If you want to lose weight to start the new year. You have to find what was worth for you. There’s a lot of diets and weight loss approaches that are super trendy. You have to find what works for you.

But in general,even people who are busy, who travel a lot ,who work outside the home, it’s pretty easy if you want to follow a “keto-esque” type of diet.So, Keto diet it’s been really really popular. Super trendy.

Basically,what its short for it is the word “ketosis” ,which is when the body actually burns fat as a source of fuel, and produces what’s called ketone bodies. This is when there’s no carbohydrates (no sugar) in our bloodstream. Our bodies super efficient starts breaking down fat.
简单来说,这种减肥方法的简称叫“酮症”,就是说你的身体通过燃烧脂肪产生热量,而你的身体也变成了所谓的“酮体”。这个时候,你的血液里是不含碳水化合物(也就是糖类)的, 因此你的身体只能通过大量迅速的消耗脂肪来供热。

Basically it involves if you’re really gonna do it by the book, less than 25 grams of carbohydrates in any form per day. That can be kind of hard because we are talking about fruits, some vegetables, obviously any bread, grains, pasta, sweets. You know really really kind of out of the picture.

So basically you are eating high protein , high healthy fat, very very low carb. When people do this, they lose weight really quickly. You know you could lose easily more than two pounds a week on keto because your body switches from burning carbs to burning fat as its fuel .

The opponents of keto say “this is not healthy super long-term because you are not eating a lot of fruits and vegetables” which of course are good for us for many reasons, Fiber, micronutrients.
So, again it’s maybe right for some people. It’s for some people easy to sustain and relatively simple to follow. I would not recommended this type of diet for someone with diabetas. Who actually does need sugar in their blood to keep their blood glucose levels relatively stable.


People like it as a quick way to lose weight. And again, short-term it can be safe and it can be easy. And it’s definitely effective.


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