Parents irate after baby possibly exposed to measles in Washington state clinic

Parents irate after baby possibly exposed to measles in Washington state clinic

Parents irate after baby possibly exposed to measles in Washington state clinic

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New development this evening in the spread of measles outbreak which is public health emergency in Washington state. In fact we’ve learned a seven-month-old girl has now been quarantined, they fear she was exposed and tonight, the so called hotspots elsewhere in this country. ABC ‘s Matt got this in report organ.

Little Lily Johnson faces another week in quarantine

“Freaking out, every little rush and little cough”

The seven-old-month might be exposed to a growing measles outbreak when she visited a nearby clinic in Vancouver Washington.

“I just got very angry”

He got angry because doctors believe that – Lily still too young for a vaccination. It was put at risk by people who chose not to vaccinate their children.

Some of these folks are out their force, that really unfortunately they are doing damage,they’re doing serious damage because that can result from us. 

Hundreds of vaccine hesitate families.

“They have concerned the safety of the vaccines. So they are hesitant to do a vaccine.”

And tonight in Hawaii doctors say they are on a lookout for a measles outbreak after two people are exposed to measles in Washington State visited Hawaii. Public health experts are already watching fourteen so called hotspots around the country where they’re seeing a delay or refusal to the action.The measles, David , is considered a spectacularly contagious virus. It can linger in the air for hours after an infected person leaves a room. That the major reasons that clinicians here expect this outbreak will last for month,David.

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