Soldier surprises mother for Christmas

Soldier surprises mother for Christmas

Soldier surprises mother for Christmas

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Host: Finally tonight, ”#American Strong”—A Surprise Homecoming
A mother with a son in the air force expecting to be alone over the holiday, and then getting the one thing she wanted in Christmas.
主持人:终于见面了,这里是“强美”(American Strong)栏目,今天的主题是:喜归。

Report:Getting ready to wrap up the workweek, Dallas nurse Teresa Melton wasn’t exactly looking forward Christmas. Her son Matthew just join the air force, and for the first time, there gonna be apart in that special holiday.

Teresa: I had told to my mom, and I had told her how sad I was.

Report:The last few years had been rough for Teresa, her father passed away in 2015, seven months later, cancer would take her husband. And six months after that, a tornado wiped out her home.

Teresa: Took everything we had, and we’ve just recovered from that over the last year

Report: But now a surprise that would bring tears of joy. His son Matthew was going to make it home for Christmas, and he decided to go big, getting mom’s co-workers at Baylor, Scott, and White in on the plan to surprise her at hospital. She had no idea until she heard this.

Matthew: Hey, mom.

Teresa: Oh my gosh,oh god are you really here, this is my son from the air force.

Report: And after those hugs ,come the tears and this lesson.

Teresa: You don’t know you are going to get another Christmas, and you don’t know when you gonna to have those special times, so when you lose the people you love ,you realize how important the people you do love are.

Host: So true,we thank Teresa and Matthew for sharing their story, we thank you for watching on Friday night. I’m Tom Iiamas, I hope to see you right back here tomorrow, for David and all of us here, good night.


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