Teen vaping continues to rise while other drug use declines

Teen vaping continues to rise while other drug use declines

Teen vaping continues to rise while other drug use declines

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In Milford Connecticut, high school principle Frances Thompson is desperately trying to snuff out a problem that teachers are having all across the country.
在康涅狄格州的米尔福德,高中校长弗朗西斯 托普森正急着想要扼杀一个全国教师都在面临的问题。

They would come in here and you’d have four or five kids at a time congregating.And they’d start to vape.

It’s a trend that many parents are not even aware of.But e-cigarette use,or vaping,has grown an astonishing 90%among high school students in recent years,according to the Surgeon General.And a 2016 National Youth Tobacco Survey found nearly 1.7million high school students and 500,000 middle schoolers had used e-cigarettes in just a 30 day period before the survey was taken.In Wrentham,Massachusetts,Assistant Vice Principle Spencer Christie says he, too, is overwhelmed by this new and pervasive epidemic.
很多家长并不知道这股电子烟潮流。但卫生局局长表示,今年吸电子烟的高中生所占比增加到了惊人的百分之九十。一份2016年国家青年烟草调查发现有近170万的高中生与50万初中生在调查进行之前的30天内都有吸过电子烟。在马萨诸塞州的伦塞姆,副校长助理斯宾塞 克里斯提表示他也对这股大规模的新流行感到束手无策。

These are JUUL pods. Now it’s moved to students vaping in hallways, vaping in classrooms.

In the back two desks in the corner, they had their hands kind of up like this.And there was a blue light coming from between their hands.

The most popular item,which is the JUUL, and as you can see,it looks like a flashlight.It’s not.And the kids can just tuck it away when they’re done.So..

It’s not just the design of their products.Critic say all these flavors also entice kids to start vaping.One study out of Harvard found some of these artificial flavors contain diacetyl.That’s chemical linked to severe respiratory disease.

The kids that i talk to believe that there i nothing in there that’s dangerous.They don’t think there’s anything more than water.

It’s not water.It’s called e-liquid. And when heated by the coil, it changes to an aerosol. Columbia University researchers, using this machine, found the paper has toxic metals, like chromium, nickel, zinc, and lead. And as we know, there is no safe level of lead.With very little regulation,people are not fully aware of what they’re consuming, I sat down with the FDA commissioner. Scott Gottlieb, and asked him about this e-cig phenomenon.
这不是水,这叫电子液。在通过烟管加热后变成喷雾。哥伦比亚大学的研究人员通过这个机器发现烟雾中存在有毒金属,比如说铬、镍、锌和铅。众所周知,没有任何铅含量是安全的。因为宽松的监管,人们并不了解他们正在吸入什么物质,我与药物监管局专员斯考特 过特莱博谈了一次,并向他了解了电子烟现象。

Youth vaping use is deeply concerning to me, we’re going to be taking some enforcing actions very soon to target companies that we think are marketing products in ways that they’re deliberately appealing to kids.i’m going to be having conversations with some of these companies,trying to inspire them,if i can,to take more corrective actions on their own.

Don’t forget,nicotine is one of the most addictive substances out there. I think it’s the next epidemic among teenagers.
Dr.Sanjay Gutpa,CNN,reporting.
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