How three college friends started this billion dollar company

How three college friends started this billion dollar company

How three college friends started this billion dollar company

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How three college friends started this billion dollar company?

Nathaniel Ru: Sweetgreen was really a solution to a problem of how do we find and bridge the gap between health and conveniences, and do it with values and a mission? I met my two co-founders, John and Nick, while we were studying in college; we were eating at the cafeteria, which wasn’t great. And we were going off campus, but it started to cost us a lot of money, in terms of finding places that we could eat that were healthy and affordable. How do we make this idea of healthy food accessible, affordable, and delicious?

Jonathan Neman: and we started writing a business plan, talking to investors. We spoke to anyone and everyone that would take a meeting with us. We raised about $300,000 from 40 people. The average investment was less than $10,000. But it was rarely people that believed in our mission and kind of took a bet on us. We have a really, really incredible supply chain. That’s what makes our food taste so good. We have direct relationships with all of our farmers. Two, we make all of our food from scratch every day in every single restaurant. And then, lastly, the service. Most fast casual restaurants use simply line process. We flipped that and made it one-to-one where you’re working with one team member making your meal. And while it’s a small shift, it actually gives you that little room for connection. And for us, Sweetgreen is all about connection.

Nathaniel Ru: We opened our second restaurant in 2009. It was much bigger restaurant. It was going to be our flagship in DC. And when we opened our doors, we had no business. There wasn’t a line out the door and we were really scared. And the only things that we knew how to do, in terms of marketing, it was to make healthy food and to DJ and play music. And so that’s what we did.
Jonathan Neman: and in 2011, we took that little Sweetgreen festival into something called the Sweetlife Festival. And it went from about 500 people in a parking lot to over 20,000 people at Merriweather Post Pavilion. And we held that festival for seven years, hosting some of the biggest names. It was a way for us to connect—connect to culture beyond just food. But it was this crisis—this moment of what do we do and how do we fix this that let us to this answer. You know, I think you look at a lot of, you know, founders’ stories, or star up businesses, and you hear the story of when it started, and then you see a story of, you know, sold or, you know when it’s made it. But nobody talks about that messy middle. It’s never a straight shot. We’re really fortune, the way the three of us work together.

Nathaniel Ru: it’s not about appealing to a broader number of customers. It’s about just living the values who you are.

Jonathan Neman: The fact that we’re able to be best friends and partners is really awesome.

Nathaniel Ru: It feels like a company and more like a family, and that’s the type of energy that we want, even down to our restaurants. For us, as founders, success is making an impact. Fast food in America is normally thought of as not great and not good for you. And at Sweetgreen, we really want to change that.


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    do it over studying in the college,accessible 300,000 dolluars,working small shoft all about connection, open at the door marketing 2000 festival 500 people ,you wants to make it, be best friends and partners , good for you ,

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