The Theoretical Conception and Engineering Practice of a Corpus-based Computer-assisted Translation Teaching Platform-朱玉彬


机助译员训练 (CATT): 人机之间

朱玉彬(Yubin ZHU)
安徽大学(Anhui University)

With the advancement of Corpus-based Translation Teaching, the Corpus-based Computer-assisted Translation Teaching Platform (CCTTP) has become the important basis for its further development. After surveying three types of CCTTPs, the article points out the problems in them. Then on the basis of research findings from previous studies in areas of Corpus-based Translation Teaching and Process-oriented Pedagogy in Translation, it proposes a theoretical conception of a generalizable CCTTP. From the initial conception, the author has developed a Computer-assisted Translation Teaching Platform (CATTP) which is mainly used for the collection of translational data from novice translators while including some instructional functions. After some time of use, the author upgraded this platform according to users’ feedback, making it more instructionally oriented. Now it has been used extensively in undergraduates’ translation practice teaching, and achieved the desired pedagogical result.


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